takeru & kayano

the not-quite siblings
TITLE: how we cross our lines
SUBJECT: Akuma de Sourou: Edogawa Takeru & Saitou Kayano
LISTED: TAFL → Relationships
APPROVED: November 13, 2008

"Your way of loving is too tragic."

Akuma de Sourou is a really powerful series about the degree of devotion that a brief, fleeting initial attraction can develop into. When Takeru & Kayano first meet, she literally thinks her soon-to-be sibling is a devil. He bullys her, he picks on her, he ruins her chances with her crush - but the more Kayano comes to learn about Takeru, the more she realizes that the feelings he has for her are feelings that she shares too. Through these two, we witness a transformation from antagonistic "boy likes girl" methods to a the blossoming of a couple that is willing to do anything and abandon anything, if it means they can just be together. Takeru & Kayano are a beautiful example of what it means to truly love someone for who they are and they are one one of my most favorite relationships.

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