"What's the matter, Ritsuka? Why are you crying?"

Welcome to BLEED/your words as weapons, the only fanlisting for Loveless' Agatsuma Soubi approved by The Anime Fanlistings. As a fan of the series, Soubi has always been my main attraction - the enigma, the snark, and the poetic way he wields words like a weapon in hand all draw me to him and make him one of the most complex and endearing characters in the entire series. Soubi is constantly challenging perception and understanding, giving his full-hearted support while witholding essential information. He is the constant struggle between self-worth and sacrifice, a model in character growth, and watching people grow by their circumstances, experiences, and relationships.

He is (and continues to be) severely underappreciated by a majority of fandom - a stance I will never fully understand, as I find him to be th emost deserving of fan!love. This fanlisting is an attempt to rectify this by uniting all his fans and was graciously approved in April 2010. The current version, Lesson 01, features artwork by Kouga Yun and is optimized for Mozilla Firefox for 1024 x 768 resolutions with millions of colors.

Agatsuma Soubi is listed in the Loveless subcategory of the Characters N-Z section at The Anime Fanlistings Network. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Nina Ren, as the newest additons! If words are power, then our tool of choice is Enthusiast!

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Not sure what a fanlisting is? That's okay! It's basically a list of people who support a certain subject: an actor, a specific type of clothing, callico cats, or, in this case, one of the main characters of the popular manga and anime series, Loveless: Agatsuma Soubi. If you're a fan of this amazing character, please don't hesitate to join! Do you want to familiarize yourself with the whole concept behind fanlistings a bit more? There is an entire community at your disposal!

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