the one who remembers
TITLE: a bene placito
SUBJECT: One Piece: Brook
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: November 4, 2008

"The days weren't easy... I truly had no hope left. But Luffy-san... I'm!!! I'm glad to be alive!"

Brook was such a refreshing welcome to an already amazing cast. His story is one of the most touching out of the entire series. For Brook, it is easy to feel his sorrow, his loneliness, his wish to be with his comrades, but his inability to quit on the second chance at life he's given makes him a strong and appreciative character. The way he continues to live for 50 years without any human contact is...amazing. He's a truly admirable individual - one who makes me laugh in the same beat that he steals my heart. It's no secret that I love the world of One Piece, and it's also no secret that Brook is a huge part of that.

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Blok, Nekoi & you?