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TITLE: eulogy for an angel
SUBJECT: Final Fantasy VII: Gainsborough, Aerith (Aeris) & Cloud Strife
APPROVED: December 30, 2007

"I think I want to be forgiven."

Final Fantasy is a truly epic series - the seventh installment is no exception. Widely loved by fans and generally attributed with changing the face of video games, what really draws me about this series is the relationship between Cloud & Aerith. It's not the "save the world" plot that gets me, nor is it the rest of the cast. It's the tattered soldier and the dedicated girl that starts to heal him that sell me on this title. For me, Cloud & Aerith are my absolute favorite couple from any game - I love them as friends, love them as partners, and of course, as a romantic pair. While FFVII was about Cloud and his journey of self-discovery, Aerith was a huge and vital part of that. These two are timeless to me and have been my OTP for as long as I can remember. No other games!pairing means nearly as much to me and they will always have my heart.

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