the million dollar miracle
TITLE: it's talk to myself
SUBJECT: Gravitation
APPROVED: November 1, 2007

"I'm really going to need a lot of help. Grant me that, because I'm wonderfully weak. There is no such thing as fate - it's gravity."

Gravitation was one of the first manga series I ever purchased, and technically, my first venture into the wonderful world of Boys Love - I wasn't aware of it at the time, lulz, being so young, but Gravitation quickly swept me away and introduced me to a wide world that I am quite thankful for. Shuichi is definitely one of the greatest characters ever made and the trials he goes through for love really touch and impress me. Gravitation is an amazingly crack-filled well-crafted series and it's definitely special to me, and will be for quite some time. I was plentifully surprised when I was given the opportunity to run this listing - words won't ever express how happy it made me. From the characters, the plot, the artwork; all of it just draws me in and captures me.

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