honey hunt

the spotlight collection
TITLE: A Girl Could Fall in Love
SUBJECT: Honey Hunt
APPROVED: October 19, 2008

"He had no choice but to become a Prince."

Aihara Miki has this uncanny ability to take what would normally be a typical shoujo with your a-typical heroine, and transform it into something truly engrossing. The woman has perfected the art of angst and Honey Hunt is her latest display of that gift. Honey Hunt took what Hot Gimmick had going for it and evolved - Yura is likeable, all the love interests are captivating in their own ways, and the plot is actually (gasp!) A PLOT. Every chapter is tortures your heart, but you read on anyway because it's just that good. If their is one angsty shoujo I'm reading right now that has me squeeing at every page, well, this is it.

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