kurosaki ichigo

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SUBJECT: Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo
LISTED: TAFL → Characters 0-M
APPROVED: January 21st, 2009

"The difference...in strength...what about it? Do you think I should give up...just because you're stronger than me...? I've always known you were strong. Nothing I see now will change my mind."

Ichigo is, easily, my favorite character in Bleach. He is the reason Kubo is able to keep me reading this series week-after-absurd-week. Ichigo is that classic super hero that is pushed to his limits and pulled in every direction. He is he tortured, unyielding soul that tries so hard to do his best at everything and finds himself endlessly flawed because of this. He is hard-headed and vivacious and moved to sacrifice more times than can be counted, but all of this makes him stand-out more than anyone else in the cast. Ichigo has the qualities in him that make him a truly engaging character and I wish more people would recognize that.

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