shirou kamui

the one cursed by fate
TITLE: fate be burdened
SUBJECT: X (X/1999): Shirou Kamui
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: March 18, 2008

"I just...want Kotori and Fuuma to be happy. I want to protect the place where they can be happy."

CLAMP are quite the unpredictable bunch, and out of all their works, X is definitely my favorite series, due almost entirely to Kamui. There is no other hero as tortured and plagued by fate as Kamui is - the position he finds himself in is beyond cruel. His destiny is to choose the fate of the world: life or death? Does humanity deserve the opportunity? Should they be purged from the Earth? Kamui has to shoulder this huge burden, all while dealing with the fact that the two people that are most important to him suffer because of his decisions. All Kamui wants to do is keep his precious people safe - but all his actions put them further and further away from him. He is the classic, tragic hero, tortured and beaten down by his own destiny and scrambling against the odds to salvage all that he can. I empathize with Kamui; I feel for her plight and I love him much more than I can really describe.

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