monkey d. luffy

the pirate king
SUBJECT: One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy
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APPROVED: May 29, 2003
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"After we go around the other half of the world, we'll see this wall one more time. And that's when I'll be the Pirate King!"

Luffy is my 2-D soul-mate. I donít know how else to accurately describe him without going off on tangents that you really donít want to read. No other character means as much to me as Luffy does Ė no other character has had such a huge impact on my life (and my wallet) either. One Piece is a huge part of the person I am today, Luffy being one of the major triggers. A lot of his beliefs are now my beliefs Ė the way he treats people and his very straightforward, almost omnipresent way of handling situations is an ability I wish I had. Whenever Iím in a rut; whenever I feel like the stress is just getting to me and I canít possibly accomplish anything Ė I think of Luffy and things seem so much less crazy. Anything I say will probably be too trite and I always have lots of trouble putting my love for Luffy into words. Instead, Iíll just focus on finishing and say that I love Luffy with every fiber of my being.

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