uzumaki naruto

the one to change the world
TITLE: resonance+tomorrow
SUBJECT: NARUTO: Uzumaki Naruto
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: June 22, 2008
MEMBERS: 2615+

"I'm going to prove, that in this world... Heroes do exist!"

I have five big loves in my life - Uzumaki Naruto is one of them. An unfaltering hero, a dedicated friend and a hero beyond any contention; the greatest thing about Naruto is his inability to quit. He overcame great obstacles to get to where he's at; being alone for most of his life, being hated just for existing, not understanding all of that and then learning to accept and change it for the better. NARUTO is a big series with lots (and lots) of characters - it's always strange to me that our title hero is often overshadowed by other, less-deserving characters, when he is all we really need to enjoy the story. With Naruto, there is never a dull moment - we grow with him and learn with him and love with him and care for him. Naruto is a source of inspiration for me and I am so excited every time I can experience something new from him.

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