tenjo night

the savior
TITLE: The Science of Sleep
SUBJECT: Zettai Kareshi: Tenjo Naito (Night)
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: November 4, 2008

"A boyfriend... ...never forces himself on his girl.."

Night has the feel of that loveable boy-next-door (who doubles as a model or something) and does his best to make his most important person happy. He, more than any other character, is willing to sacrifice any amount if it means it will keep Riiko smiling and it is his prescence - that is, everything that emcompasses him - that make him such an amazing character. In the entire cast of Zettai Kareshi, Night is the one that draws my attenion most and captures my heart. If only every guy could be as good as Night is, the world would be a better place. He is a fantastic individual and an extremely dedicated character that shows just what it means to be human and to accept those feelings we all have inside us.

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