minamitani q-ta

the prince charming
TITLE: Prince du Sang
SUBJECT: Honey Hunt: Minamitani Q-ta
COMBO: Tribute
LISTED: TAFL → Characters 0-M
APPROVED: May 16, 2009

"I know how painful it must feel to be betrayed by someone you trusted. No matter how common it is in this world, it still never stops being painful."

I have this weird affinity for absolutely loving Aihara heroes that are completely misunderstood by fandom. It's no surprise then, that when Honey Hunt started publication, Q-ta naturally became my favorite. There is a huge degree of myster that still surrounds him - mystery that fandom takes a face-value and assumes can mean nothing good. He is bashed, compared to Haruka, bashed, related to Azusa, and bashed some more. It seems like no one takes the time to give Q-ta a firm chance - to take a look at his internal workings - before not-so silently casting him to the side. It's a shame, because no one else in the series understands Yura like Q-ta does and personally, I don't think any of them care as much either. Q-ta has shown me, time and again, that he is a geniune, honest, charismatic and loving person that has a well-founded sense of jealousy. Why shouldn't he? His girlfriend is surrounded by attractive men, all of which are vying for her feelings. Q-ta is Prince Charming in every since of the word; for Yura and for me.

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