honjou ren

the legendary musician
TITLE: acoustic decay
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: June 14, 2008

"Now we're not strangers, so you can die for me, right?"

We all have characters that we connect with on extremely deep levels and who's outcomes eventually tear our hearts to pieces. Ren is that character for me and he is my only reason for keeping up with NANA - apparnetly, Yazawa realized this as well, and decided to torture me with it. Ren is... a very egnimatic guy - he is the mysterious, collected shining knight in armor who doesn't have to swoop in to come to the rescue. Ren knows that sometimes people need to stand on their own; that sometimes, the best way to support someone is by letting them live their own life and make their own mistakes. He is the most realistic character in the entire cast of NANA and thus, the most heartbreaking. The tragic hero who lives in infamy; the tortured soul whose love will continue past the end of life itself. Words will never be able to describe the impact Ren has had on me or the amount he will continue to effect me - he is one of my greatest loves and the loss of him is something I will never fully recover from.

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