only the ring finger knows

the bitter taste of silver
TITLE: What We Know
SUBJECT: Only the Ring Finger Knows
APPROVED: April 11, 2005

"There is only the bitter taste of silver where the ring used to be."

I don't think it's any secret that I love the Boy's Love (BL) genre. In fact, I'm quick to shout my love of boy pr0n from the rooftops - there's a reason I have three cases full of it. It's thanks to Only the Ring Finger Knows that I am where I am - it started me on that amazing journey, and in truth, helped shape the person I am today. Nothing is more beautiful to me than seeing the love Kazuki has for Wataru and the lengths he goes to in order to protect that; nothing is as touching as watching Wataru discover his love for Kazuki and what those feelings mean to him. Odagiri Hotaru did a fantastic job with this adaptation and the emotions depicted within are ones I only (vainly) hope to one day experience as well. And yes, I do wear a silver ring on my right, middle-finger just because of this series.

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