romeo candorebanto montague

the enternal lover
TITLE: I am no pilot
SUBJECT: Romeo x Juliet: Montague, Romeo Candorebanto
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: May 7, 2007

"If your sin is to strive against your fate, then I will kill you here with my own hands and take that sin upon myself."

Shakespeare is the greatest playwrite to ever grace the world's stage and GONZO knows this just as much as the rest of us. Their retelling of Romeo x Juliet is an amazing effort at bringing these fantastic characters to life, and Romeo being my favorite Shakespeare character, is no exception to this. The prime example of a devote lover, Romeo makes even a cynical bastard like me believe that maybe soulmates do exist. If all the world's a stage and every person has a partner, I'd want mine to be Romeo, always unfaltering, always ready to catch you, and always ready to die for the sake of love.

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