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Welcome to hello, seattle, the TFL approved fanlisting for the relationship between Gambit & Rogue, prominant members of the X-Men, a band of mutants that fight to ensure a peaceful coexistence between homo-sapiens and homo-superior. Created by Marvel, the series of comics that follows the adventures of the X-Men is expansive and continuous. Both Rogue, and Gambit, are typically some of the most popular characters featrued, and their relationship is a great source of favor by many fans.

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Not sure what a fanlistings is? Not a problem. A fanlisting, as describe by The Fanlistings Network, is simply a collection, or list, of fans from all around the world for a specific subject. That can range from colored toe-socks, the Ming Dynasty, or, in this case, the relationship between the two greatest characters in Marvel history, Gambit & Rogue. We fully welcome any and all fans who wish to show their support for this hugely complicated and especially enamouring couple to join our ranks. Sounds like a plan? Feel free to familiarize yourself with fanlistings a bit more, and definitely make sure you join if you're a fan!