narita shinogu

the real mr. right
TITLE: sacrificial lamb
SUBJECT: Hot Gimmick: Narita Shinogu
COMBO: Tribute
LISTED: TAFL → Characters 0-M
APPROVED: October 20, 2006

"If I told her...would it make her happy? If it made Hatsumi happy, sure, I'd tell her I love her. I'd do anything."

Shinogu is the definition of "Mr. Right". He is one of the best characters crafted, one of two that I enjoy in the entire Hot Gimmick series, and one that has been part of my heart for much longer than I care to expand upon. For the situation he finds himself in, Shinogu is a pillar of strength and support for the people around him, even when he, himself, feels like crumbling. His ending his cruel, his sacrifice even moreso, but nevertheless, his future is bright and it's that unwavering love he displays - the deciation to his heart and feelings - that make him such a fantastic and admirable character. Shinogu is the guy you run to when you're in a bind; the one who will catch you when you fall; the one who will walk with you in the rain and support you when no one else will. And Shinogu is the one that puts everyone else before himself, willing to give-up anything, if it meant the happiness of those important to him. I only wish I had 10% of his greatness. Plus, brothers are hot.

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