the one who sacrifices
TITLE: a lion in winter
SUBJECT: Fushigi Yuugi: Tamahome
LISTED: TAFL → Characters 0-M
APPROVED: November 10, 2008

"Don't ever forget that with each step a person is able to take on their own, they have become that much stronger."

Everyone who knows anything about manga &/or anime has at least heard of Fushigi Yuugi - it's one of the classics by shoujo!Queen, Yuu Watase, and is considered an important work. But for me, while the series is no doubt special, it is Tamahome, more than anything else, that really pulls me in and sells me on the series. Tamahome is the guy every girl dreams of: handsome, strong, devoted and tragically pained with the fate that has been cast on him. We see him grow from the dedicated family man slightly obsessed with money, to the devoted warrior who would gladly give his life for love. Tamahome encompasses so much of the passion that people feel toward life and is a great respresentation of how people can change and grow with one another. His impact on me is one that is unmeasurable.

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