usami akihiko

the elegant playwright
TITLE: down the twenty-eight
SUBJECT: Junjou Romantica: Usami Akihiko
APPROVED: August 12, 2008

"You cried for my broken heart. I was sure I was hidding my trembling… but this kid, I’d barely know for six months saw right through me. You wailed like a baby in front of me, even though we hardly knew each other. That’s when I realized…. 'Oh, he's the one!' So, when it comes to you, I can’t keep my composure. I won’t stand by and let anyone take away the one I love again."

Akihiko makes Junjou Romantica the greatest BL series ever made. He is the definition of gravitational pull and his dynamic personality has the ability to just draw people in continuously. Never before have I experienced such an amazing character and I feel this great connection to him - his love for Misaki, his ability, his eccentric personality and his undying devotion are only part of what make him such a fantastic person. I love Akihiko - the series, while built around a strong group of characters, would not be the same if it weren't for him. He is my central focus every time I reread the chapters and every time a new one comes out. Akihiko is my Junjou experience.

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