the sniper hero
TITLE: a pirate's life for me
SUBJECT: One Piece: Usopp
COMBO: Tribute
LISTED: TAFL → Characters N-Z
APPROVED: July 18, 2006

"Protecting what we cherish most as men is the reason why we formed this pirate crew!"

In the big world of One Piece, there are many loveable, wonderful characters - Usopp is one of them. Arguably the most "human" of the crew, Usopp is the realistic (or as really as he can be, lulz) member that brings heart to every situation he's part of. The struggles he's faced, both internally and externally, are truly touching - they show a strength of character that knows no bounds. Usopp is a genuine inspiration for all those that have toiled to reach a goal and he continues to inspire a great feeling of determination in me.

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