the boy who sees freedom
TITLE: Venture on the Sky
SUBJECT: Final Fantasy XII: Vaan
APPROVED: December 22, 2008

"One of these days, I'll fly an airship of my own. I'll be a sky pirate, free to go where I will."

Vaan is a character that receives a lot of grief. For being the protagonist of Final Fantasty XII, he is heavily overshadowed by other cast members and often cited for less than stellar reasons. But for me, Vaan is the icing on an incredibly substinate cake. He is what invests me in the story and keeps me playing (and replaying) the game, because there is no other character like him. He knows what he wants: the freedom to touch the sky by his own will and means. And Vaan will do anything to attain that wish - pushing past obstacles that stand in his way and fighting back the hoards of neigh-sayers. More than Ashe's plight for her country or Balthier's debonair charm, Vaan's dedication to those he cares for and the idea of right and wrong are what really make him an amazing character.

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