in your love

The first version o f reveals the world was a rather adventurious undertaking for me. I actually dreamed up the opening “splash” page one night, out of the blue. While I definitely had not intended to do two layouts for the site, I’m very excited I did, because I think it fits the show well. Things are not always as they seem, life is full of layers, etc. This is me, pretending to be ~*deep*~ and poetic.

Obviously heavily influenced by the opening, Version 1.0 (aptly titled “The Abuse of Greatness”), struck a return to an old love of mine – Rollovers & Animation: an epic combo for great justice which I have abused heavily in the past, HA GET IT? Bits from the opening and ending, splattered with Umino Chika’s gorgeous series artwork leave me with a highly satisfied sense of accomplishment. I always worry that layouts are too plain, but I suppose that is just my trend.

I absolutely have to thank two people, without out whom, this layout would not have been possible. First, Sarah, who basically made the vectors of both the Noblesse Oblige symbol on the splash and the Selecao symbol featured predominately above. But also to Mitzrael, who edited the repeating background so it actually flowed and was not altogether shitastic. I have a tendency to do repeating, textured pattern backgrounds, even though I have no ability to actually pull them off successfully. Thus, I am almost always running to her mid-crisis. It’s a miracle she hasn’t killed me.

And….there you have it. Technical information includes that this layout was made in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (because I was too lazy to use CS3) and was coded in Notepad tediously; took about 13 hours total to design and another 12 to code – I know, I know. I am incredibly slow. Blame it on my age and slight web-design OCD.

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