HONEY HUNT: minamitani q-ta

my expression one of reeling it in close


Welcome to Marie's ever growing fanlisting collective, .44 caliber [LOVELETTER] - oh my, brackets. Here you'll find, surprise, all fanlistings she currently runs, has applied for, or someday hopes to run (which is actually kind of sad), so you can stalk keep up to your hearts content. Navigation is to your right, because rollovers are so endlessly amusing.

You are currently viewing version three point oh of .44 caliber [LOVELETTER], titled Waltz and using lyrics from the song of the same name by Suneohair; it was made in Photoshop & ImageReady, inspired entirely by the song it's titled after and the series represented, Honey & Clover - both of which will change your perception of reality. No, really.

into a pastel-patterned future


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what was it that I've been searching for?

ねえ、何だっけ 探していた物

Below, you'll find the very sparse updates for the entire collective. And when I say sparse, I mean, "so-rare-you- might-as-well-just-follow-the-Updates-log" sparse. I know, hyphens make it all the more serious.