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throwing up all my overheated emotions
So, I always feel bad making a wishlist when I've been the luckiest person ever with approvals and I run my #1 (Monkey D. Luffy) because omfg I must have magic powers to be such a fortunate mofo. I consider all my fanlistings to be "wishlisters" because I love them a ridiculous amount and no one else would run half of them anyway. Over the past year, I somehow was allowed to run over half of my previous list. Crazy, right? I don't know how it happened either. I just feel super grateful.

... is it weird to be jealous of yourself?

over half a year ago, I made it smolder

So, below is my revamped list - these subjects are all extremely special to me in some way or other and I'd apply in a heartbeat for any of them, but they all currently have fantastic owners, and that makes me perfectly content.

BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON: tenoh haruka  HARRY POTTER: sirius black & remus lupin  HARRY POTTER: remus lupin
ONE PIECE  SKIP BEAT!: tsuruga ren  VAMPIRE KNIGHT: kiriyuu zero

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