HONEY HUNT: minamitani q-ta

I could see the landscape


what was it that I've lost?
I don't think there's any denying that I have an affinity for male characters. Numbers speak for themselves, as they say. I didn't realize just how many guys I had until separating them out and I wonder what that says about me, personally. I don't know what it is about the male protaganist, but they draw me in, in ways that few of their female counterparts can seem to manage.

...I think that sounds more reasonable than it really is. Really, my collective is just full of testosterone, but I'm sure that's not a surprise to anyone.

by setting the image on fire

KUSOAKI ICHIGO; bleach  BOWIE, DAVID; musician  SERGE; chrono cross  SABIN; final fantasy vi  VAAN; final fantasy xii  TAMAHOME; fushigi yuugi  MINAMITANI Q-TA; honey hunt  NARITA SHINOGU; hot gimmick  USAMI AKIHIKO; junjou romantica
HONJOU REN; nana  UZUMAKI NARUTO; naruto  BROOK; one piece  MONKEY D. LUFFY; one piece  PORTGAS D. ACE; one piece  USOPP/SOGEKING; one piece  MONTAGUE, ROMEO; romeo x juliet  SHIROU KAMUI; x (x/1999)
TENJO NIGHT; zettai kareshi